Adnan Ali

Place of birth: Lattakia 1968

Jurisdiction: Businessman

Adnan al-Ali operate as a commercial front for the Syrian regime, and he is related to several other regime-supporting businessmen, like Hussam Qaterji, and Nader al-Qalaai. He is active mostly in Lebanon and is in a close relationship with the businessmen Ammar al-Sharif and Samer Murtada (businessmen) in Ticari Sal Offshore.

Ali is accused of providing financial and logistical help to the Syrian regime, in the fields of oil and power, through the Abaar Petroleum Company (owned by him), which lead to him being added to the US Treasury list of sanctions as per order 13582. He is a General Intelligence Department agent, and secured logistical equipment for the General Intelligence Department from Iran.

In 2016, Abaar Petroleum imported oil shipments for the regime through Banyas port, including warplane fuel, and coordinated money transfers for those shipments, through bank accounts affiliated with the government.

In 2017, Ali used a bank account affiliated with him to receive wire transfers worth millions of dollars, from Mahruqat (a government-owned oil derivative products company). One transfer was about 30 million dollars.

Ali coordinated oil smuggling operations from Islamic State (ISIS) controlled areas to regime areas with the help of Qaterji’s companies, with Ali becoming the godfather of trade operations between ISIS and the Syrian regime during that period.

Ali is still working behind the scenes, supporting the Syrian regime through a network of businessmen, and he runs his business activities (especially in the oil and energy sectors) using Lebanon as a center for his operations.