Kami Raeef Hilal

Place of birth: Khalkhala- Alsweida

Jurisdiction: Businessman

Kami Raeef Hilal, who was born in Khalkhala village in Suweida province, holds a bachelor’s degree in engineering. He is the founder and chairman of several companies, such as:

  • al-Mohtarefoon (The Professionals) for Communication Technologies and Services (Pro-Tech).
  • al-Mohtarefoon for Protection and security Systems
  • Hilal & Hassoun Commercial Company
  • Syria for Commercial Investments
  • Building Technology and Chemistry
  • Russian-Arab Company for Tourism and Tourism Services, in partnership with Merna Hilal and the Russian investor Stanislav Govorushkin

He has a good relationship with the businessman Hashem Anwar al-Akkad and his brothers. They are partners in al-Mohtarefoon for Communication Technologies and Services (Pro-Tech), which offers technical solutions in the fields of software, smart management, local networks, communications, and Internet services. This company has many branches, such as:

  • PRO-NET: Internet service provider
  • PRO-SYS: Advanced protection and alarm systems
  • PRO-SOFT: Software solutions and applications
  • PRO-SAT: Satellite and wireless communication services
  • POWER: Alternative energy solutions
  • PRO-GUARD: Protection services for companies in the commercial and industrial sectors such as cement factories, banks, international organizations, and service companies

Pro-Tech is a co-founder of the Russian-Arab Company for Information Technology and Communication (ALMA-Pro). The company has licenses to provide regular and encrypted TV channels, known as IPTV, through the internet service it provides.

In January 2019, Kami Hilal participated in the Syrian-Emirati Business Forum accompanied by about 60 Syrian businessmen, including Mohamed Hamsho, Labib Ikhwan, Issam Anbuba, and Tarif al-Akhras.

It is worth mentioning that Kami works as a commercial front for the regime in partnership with businessman Hashem al-Akkad, and the two parties are accused of cooperating to help the regime to circumvent the international sanctions imposed on it.