Tariff al-Akhras

  • jurisdiction: businessman
  • Born in Homus in 1951.
  • Owns many companies, including ‘Middle East Sugar Factory’, ‘Trans Orient’ for Transportion, through which he supplied logistics and food products to the armed forces. 
  • He also owns ‘Syria Holding Company, ‘Samba’ Ice Cream Factory, ‘Trans Mall’, and ‘Aliat’ Real Estate Development Company. 
  • Engagements: Involved in supporting Assad forces in the crackdown and supplying ‘shbiha’ thugs with food contracts worth billions of Syrian Pounds, in addition to providing transportation vehicles to them through his ‘Trans Orient for Transportion’ company.
  • Sanctions: Subject to European, UK and Canadian sanctions.

Issam Anbouba

  • jurisdiction: businessman
  • Born in Homus in 1952
  • Collaborated with Rami Makhlouf to help the regime evade international sanctions, especially in Europe and the United States. 
  • Owns oil companies and operates in the banking, services, and tourism sectors, and a close associate with Rami Makhlouf. 
  • Engagements: A major supporter of the regime’s repressive campaign and violations against the Syrian people.
  • Sanctions: Subjsect to European sanctions since 2011.

Mohammad Shwaiki

  • jurisdiction: businessman
  • Born in Damascus in 1972.
  • Plays a major role in helping the Iranian authorities to break sanctions against the syrian regime through transferring money and shipping oil from Iran to Syria through Russia, using three dummy companies that he owns. 
  • Engagements: Transferred hundreds of millions of dollars to armed militias in Syria through the Central Bank of Syria. 
  • Sanctions: Included in the United States sanctions list since 2018.

Samer Fawz

  • jurisdiction: businessman
  • Born in Lattakia in 1973
  • Engagements: Fawz built an international business network for the benefit of the Syrian regime to evade international sanctions.
  • Heads ‘Al-Fawzz Holding Group’ which dominates a large part of the commercial business activity in Syria, and has other companies in the Netherlands, UAE, Lebanon and Turkey.
  • Funds the ‘Military Security Shield’ militia which is connected with the Military Intelligence Directorate, the perpetrator of the repression and widespread violations In Damascus, Aleppo, Hama, and Lattakia countryside.

Mohammad abbas

  • jurisdiction: businessman
  • Born in Lattakia in 1964.
  • Commercial representative of Rami Makhlouf, runs his companies in Lebanon, Romania and the Czech Republic, including ‘The Wings’ and ‘Barley offshore’. 
  • Possesses a number of casinos in Prague. 
  • Engagements: Involved in broadcasting pro-regime propaganda through his media channels in the Czech Republic and Romania., including ‘Heart of Europe’.

Mazen mortada

  • jurisdiction: businessman
  • Born in: Damascus in 1974
  • Son of the former Minister of Education Dr. Hani Mortada  who has good rapport with Assad family and and on of the regime’s henchmen in the business sector. 
  • Engagements: Subsidized several projects in the Sayyida Zainab shiite shrine nad its surroundings south of Damascus, through a number of companies like: ‘Tartous for Paper Industries’, ‘Syrians Financial Group 24’, and ‘Strata for Contracting and Trade’, using Iranian sources. 
  • Paricipates in funding mercenarie (Shabiha) southern Damascus since 2011.

Samer al-Dabas

  • jurisdiction: businessman
  • Place of birth: Damascus in 1962.
  • Chairman of Chamber of Industry  in Damascus and its countryside. 
  • a member of the Syrian parliament for two periods respectively and a commercial façade for Rami Makhlouf. 
  • Owns packing, paper and cardboard factories. He resorted later to establishing other companies under the name of his wife, “Ghaliya Maydani” to evade international sanctions imposed against him.
  • Engagements: Paricipated in regime’s extensive activities to evade international sanctions and in Assad’s propaganda campaign.
  • Sanctions: Included in the United States Treasury sanctions list.

Mohammad Hamsho

  • jurisdiction: businessman
  • Place of birth: Damascus 1966.
  • A member of the Syrian parliament and Maher Al-Assad’s most prominent business agent. 
  • Owns and manages several companies including ‘Hamsho Group’ for International Communications, ‘Middle East Information Technology Marketing Company’, and ‘Syria International Company for Art Production’. 
  • Engagements: Involved in money laundering and accused of smuggling goods to ISIL and other terrorist organisation.
  • Sanctions: Subject to US and European Union sanctions.

Mohamad Afndar

  • jurisdiction: businessman
  • Place of birth: Damascus 1970
  • A major banker operating money transfers and EFT payments sector working for the benefit of Makhlouf. 
  • Operates ‘Wester Union’ Company for money transfer in Syria, and owns many companies in the financial sector including ‘Bitakat’, ‘AL-Jadidah’, ‘Tawasol’, ‘TGHN’ and ‘Al-Diyar’ for Exchange. 
  • Engagements: Provides the intelligence directorate lists and other information contributing to the regime’s aggression campaign in addition to particiapting in its efforts to evade international sanctions.

Saeb Nahhas

  • Jurisdiction: Businessman
  • Born in Damascus in 1937
  • Involved in patching up the regime’s damaged relations with many foreign countries.
  • Owns a large group of companies operating in tourism, food and medical sectors, including: ‘Nahas International’ for Traveling, ‘Nahas Tourist.
  • Transport and Travel’, ‘Nahas Machinery and Trade’, and ‘Nahas Motor Company’.
  • Engagments: Provided the regime’s forces with logistical and technical support and employed his medical companies to serve the chemical weapons’ program

Majid Bahjat Suleimen

  • Occupations: Son of Major General Bahjat Suleiman, a prominent figure in the Syrian intelligence the previous director of Rifaat al-Assad’s office.
  • Executive director of alwaseet international group (AWA) international Group, and a shareholder in the ‘United Group for Advertising and Publishin’”, which publishes many local and regional newspapers and magazines such as’(Layalina’, ‘Baladna’ and ‘Al-Waseela’. 
  • Engagements: Accused of money laundering and conducting a propaganda campaign for the benefit of the Syrian regime and to justify the violations committed by the regime. 

Wael Abdel Karim

  • Occupation: Employed by the Syrian regime to evade international sanctions and provide its army with the fuel through a network of companies abroad
  • His ‘Abdulkarim Group’ comprises many companies operating inside Syria in addition to international companies operating in the oil industry in addition to engines and mechanical equipment.
  • Engagements: Supported regime forces logistically through his companies that provided them with fuel shipments and importing necessary parts for planes and tanks that killed hundreds of thousands of Syrians.
  • Sanctions: Many of his cokpanies are subjest to US Treasury snactions.

Mohammad Al-Dandashi

  • jurisdiction: Businessman
  • Place of birth: Tal Kalah, Homs in 1972.
  • Major financial broker in the stock market and owner of many real estate companies in connection with Rami Makhlouf, including ‘Al-Ramz Capital’, ‘Saif’ Investment compnay, ‘Dar Gardenia’ and ‘Sham Capital’ company.
  • Engagements: His ‘Al-Dandashi’ Investment Group works in repairing and restoring government buildings and security quarters along with equiping the security branches with vehicles and other logistics.
  • Sanctions: His name appreaed in ‘WikiLeaks’ as one of the four most prominent businessmen who contributed to financing the regime and laundering money for its numerous agencies.

Khaled Hbubati

  • Occupation: Businessman
  • Born in Damascus in 1957.
  • Chairman of Syrian Red Crescent. Assigned by Assad as a special delegate to cooperate with loyal expat Syrian businessmen and investors to fund the regime.
  • Engagements: Through his ‘East Gambling Club’, in addition to the ‘Ocean Club’, ‘Al-Rakhaa’ Trading, ‘Mira’ for Services and Tourism, Hububati helped providing the Syrian regime with $30 billion and deployed the ‘Red Crescent’ to facilitate money transfers

Amjad Douba

  • Occupation: Businessman
  • Born in 1969
  • Son of “Muhammad Duba”the former brigadier general in the Syrian army, and the nephew of General “Ali Duba”, the former head of the Military Intelligence Directorate.
  • Considerd as a a major regime’s business agents in Russia wher he enjoys inflence in political and business circles.
  • Owns several companies including ‘AMPA’ and a key partner in the ‘Ugarit’ commercial company for soft drinks.
  • Engagements: Accused of money laundering for the benefit of the Syrian regime through a network of international compnaies.