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Rami Makhlouf

  • Born in Jableh/ Latakia in 10/7/1969
  • Maternal cousin of Bashar al-Assad, Operates several businesses in many fields such as media, banking, insurance companies, hotels, factories, real estates, travel and tourism sectors. 
  • Rami Makhlouf is the main owner of Syriatel. Owns the largest stake in MTN the second biggest mobile phone company in Syria, Controls many free trade zones across all air and land borders. His “Al-Bustan” organization is accused of the violations that were committed by the Assad regime against the Syrian people. 
  • Sanctions: His accounts and properties were frozen in Switwzerland by the Swiss authorities, his name was put in the sanctions black lists of the United States, Canada European Union and the United Kingdom.

Iyhab Makhluf

  • Born in 1973
  • .Maternal cousin of Bashar al-Assad, Rami Makhlouf’s brother and his henchman, and togther with his brother Rami; is considered as one of the forefront economic entity of the regime in Syria.
  • Up to 200 currency exchange offices work for him in Damascus, owns and manages a number of investment companies of which the most famous are “Islamic Brokerage and Financial Services Company”, “Peshawar Investment Company” and the “Ama-Noor” company in addition to many companies in the British “Virgin” Islands.
  • İnvolved in smuggling goods across borders between Syria and Lebanon. Provided logistic and financial support for the Syrian regime in committing crimes against the Syrian people.
  • Sanctions: Subject to US sanctions list.

Amer Zuhair Foz

  • Occupation: businessman.
  • Born in Lattakia.
  • Samer Foz’s brother and his business associate, known for taking a third of any deal’s amount conducted by his brother Samer in favor of the Syrian regime.
  • Directs “ASM” International Company, founder of “Amer Foz & Partners”, partner in “Aman Holding” group, and in “Al-Bunn” company for cables and plastic manufacturing.
  • Engagements: Accused of providing weapons and munitions to ISIL in return for wheat and oil, for benefit of the Syrian regime. Considered as a prime participant in many crimes and violations committed by “Military Security Shield” militia which is connected to the Military Intelligence Directorate.

Khaldoun Makhluf

  • Occupation: Khaldoun is the son of Adnan Makhlouf the former commander of the Republican Guard in the Syrian army, and Rami Makhlouf’s cousin.
  • Controls a large part of the tourism and hotel management sector in Syria. Held the position of trade director for Syrian Airlines, considered as one of the economic representatives of Rami Makhlouf.
  • Owns a number of investing and real estate companies, the most important of which is the Julia Dumna Group.
  • Engagements: Created and funded groups and gangs of mercenaries (Shabiha) in both Aleppo and Latakia, which carried out repression and violations against the Syrian people.
  • Sanctions: Not subject to any sanctions and continues to travel between Syria, United Arab Emirates, Russia and countries in the European Union

Samer Ali Duba

  • .jurisdiction: businessman
  • .born in: Damascus
  • He is the son of Brigadier General Ali Duba, the former head of of the Military Intelligence Directorate and the henchman of Hafez al-Assad. Heavely involved in laundering the money his father snatched while he was the head of the Military Security Service. 
  • Co-founder in the “Amanet Hayir Syria” company, a general manager of the “Kawalys” company, a general manager and co-founder of “Zuhal” company for advertising services. 
  • Samer Duba manages and operates the cash that his father earned by corruption and fund collections during a quarter century when he was the head of the Military Intelligence Directorate; in addition to helping the Syrian Regime avoid international sanctions.

Salim Da’bul

  • jurisdiction: businessman
  • Born in Deir Attiyeh in 1959.
  • Son of the former President Hafiz Al-Asad personal Secretary for 40 years. Maintains close relationship with Bashar al-Assad and works in the Qalamoun region under the guidance of the regime.
  • Owns 25 major companies, in addition to the private University of Qlamoun, and a partner in, any other companies such as Alnibras, Dhura, Al Diyafa, and Snir.
  • Engagements subsidized a gang of Shabiha (armed thugs) in Qalamoun, who took part in raiding, bombing, and committing massacres in the twon of Qara, Yabrud, Grieger and Al-Tal.

George Haswani

  • jurisdiction: businessman
  • Born in Yabrud – Damascus countryside
  • Close associate to president Bashar al-Assad’s business circle.  Played a major role in serving as a middleman for oil and gas purchases by the Syrian regime from ISIL. 
  • Owns “HESCO” an Engineering and Construction Company, which is considered the Syrian major partner of the Russian “Stroytransgaz” company. 
  • Engagements: Accused of funding militias affiliated to the Syrian regime such as the “Qalamoun Shield Forces”, which committed a huge number of crimes against the Syrian people.
  • Sanctions: US Traesury imposed sanctions againt his company in Russia, along with other companies and banks afflilated to him in Russia and Cyprus.

Hussam Qaterji

  • jurisdiction: businessman
  • Born in Raqqa in 1982
  • Member of the Syrian parliament. Accused of smuggling oil tanks from the Syrian Al-Jazira district to the regime-controlled areas. 
  • Chairman of the Board of Directors of the “International Group of Al-Qatirji”, which manages Rami Makhlouf’s business. 
  • Engagements: He established a local militia which committed violations against the Syrian people, fought alongside the “Kurdish Protection Froces” (YPG) in Afrin, and participated in the siege of Eastern Aleppo in 2016.
  • Sanctions Subject to European sanctions since January 2019, for his role in providing oil derivatives and wheat for ISIL and the Syrian regime.

Khider Ali Taher

  • jurisdiction: businessman
  • Born in Safita /Tartous in 1976
  • One of the Brigadier Ghassan Bilal’s henchmen, head of Maher Al-Assad’s office. Accused of managing a netwok of thugs collecting illegal tributes at checkpoints and crossings in Regime’s dominated districts. 
  • His commercial activities include tourism, hotel management and telecommunications, through Al-Yasmeen Contracting, Ella Tourism, Emma Tel for telecommunications and other companies. 
  • Engagements: Funds an estimated number of 2000 mercenaries “shabiha” affiliated to the 4th Division miltias, who were involved in large-scale repression against the Syrian people.

Adel Al-Olabi

  • Occupation: businessman
  • Born in Damascus in 1976
  • Governor of Damascus municipality and Chairman of Damascus Cham Holding Company (DCHC). Partner with Rami Makhlouf, Samer Foz businesses and other businessmen affiliated to the Syrian regime. 
  • Engagements: Provided a forefront for Bashar Al-Assad’s volations in his urban development projects, in re-planning neighborhoods of the capital, Damascus, taking over the assets of thousands of displaced Syrians.

Mohamad EL Suwah

  • jurisdiction: businessman
  • Born in Damascus in 1963.
  • Head of the Syrian Exporters Federation, and a prime commercial facade employed by the Syrian regime to to circumvent international sanctions. 
  • Owns a well known textile factory, which exports to the GCC and EU countries including France and to “NTG” company in Italy. 
  • Engagements: Accused of laundering millions of pounds for the Syrian Regime and helping it to evade international sanctions.

Ayman Jaber

  • Occupation: Son-in-law of Kamal Al-Assad (Bashar al-Assad’s cousin). Established an Iron and Steel Assembly company which paved his way to enter the pledges and contracting sector in Syria.
  • Owns the “Steel Rolling Company” in Jableh, partner in the “Addounia” television. Ownes several transportation and energy companies in Lebanon.
  • Engagements: Involved in forming militias such as the “Desert Falcons” and “desert Commandos”, which were involved in committing atrocities against the Syrian people. 
  • Sanctions: Subject to US and European sanctions, due to his support and financial aid to Assad’s militias.

Ammar Al Shareef

  • Manages many companies in the banking, insurance and hotel management sectors, and is considered one of the most prominent disguised shadow men for Rami Makhlouf.
  • Owns ‘Tikkary of Shore L.L.C’ company in Lebanon, and he is a shareholder and founder of ‘Byblos Bank-Syria’, and a prime shareholder in the ‘Unlimited Hospitality’ company.
  • Engagements: Accused of helping the Syrian regime to find a way around the international sanctions. Subject to European Union sanctions since 2016, his name appears in the “Paradise” and “Panama” lists, accused of registering many fake companies off shore in collaboration with Rami Makhlouf.

Fares Shehabi

  • jurisdiction: businessman
  • Born in Aleppo in 1972
  • Member of the Syrian Parilament, and later appointed as head of chamber of Industry in Aleppo by reocmmendation of Major General Tawfiq Younes former head of internal security for the intelligence directorate in Aleppo. 
  • Owns “Alpha company”, a gigantic pharmaceutical company in Syria, and co-founder of many other companies. 
  • Engagements: Established and funded a militia of about /5000/ mercenaries (Shabiha) who participate in the crackdowns against the Syrian people. Suprevised a technical programme to produce remote controlled military vehicles to support the Syrian army’s repressive campaigns.
  • Sanctions: As a result of his support and prticipation in the violations committed by the regime he is subject to European sanctions.