Rami Makhluof

  • Rami Makhlouf admits supporting the military and security apparatuses, saying he was “the greatest supporter, sponsor, and servant”.
  • Rami Makhlouf a major partner in all violations committed by the Syrian regime.
  • Rami Makhlouf’s confessions are a complete verdict that allows having a legal trial for him and Bashar al-Assad.
  • Rami Makhlouf to the Alawi sect: there is a threat that targets the funds spent on you.

Sulaiman Maarouf

  • Occupation: Businessman
  • Born in Aleppo in 1972.
  • A prominent commercial faces of the Syrian regime and Makhlouf family.
  • Engagements: Through his ‘Al-Shahba’ Company for Equipment and Electronics, ‘Honda’ Motor Agency in Syria, and many other companies he owns in partnership with Rami Makhlouf in Aleppo, Marouf provided the Syrian regimes with logistics and imported sniper rifles from South Africa.
  • Helped Bashar and Asma al-Assad evade international sanctions through his bank accounts in the United Kingdom.
  • Sanctions: Included in the European Union sanctions since 2012, pushing him to swindling and converting the names of his companies to evade them.

Samir Anis Hasan

  • Occupation: Businessman
  • Born in Hammam Al-Qarahleh – Lattakia.
  • Manages funds for many senior officials in the Syrian regime and involved in attracting Russian companies to invest in Syria.
  • Helps the regime avdae international sanctions through many Russian Cubit companies.
  • Owns factories in the pesticides and glass cleaners sector, and agent for many international brands such as ‘Nestle’, ‘Nokia’, ‘Nikon’ and ‘Fuji’.
  • Through a a private company in the free zone he is involved in the transport of goods and logsitics for the Syrian Regime in addition to facilitating direct marine transport line between Latakia and Novorossiysk port in Russia.

Wassim Quattan

  • jurisdiction: businessman
  • Place of birth: Damascus in 1976
  • Previous chairman of Damascus Chamber of Commerce and owner of many companies that operate for the benefit of Rami Makhlouf, including ‘Muruj Al-Yasmeen’ Company for tourism premises and restaurants, ‘La Rosa’ for furniture, ‘Hot Bakery’ and ‘Muruj Al-Sham’ group for investment and tourism. 

Mazen al-Tarazi

  • jurisdiction: businessman
  • Place of birth: Sidnaya in 1962
  • Operates mainly in Kuwait and and runs a wide public relations campaign with politicians, media fellows, and ambassadors of some foreign countries for the benefit of the Syrian Regime. 
  • Owns a national airline company, and runs many investment, real estates, news and advertising companies, through which he funds many Shbiha thugs. 
  • Sanctions: Accused of money laundering in favor of the Syrian Regime and subject to US and European Unions sanctions.

Nizar Jamil As'ad

  • Occupation: Businessman
    Born in Ain Gash, Dreikish/Tartous in 1948، to a wealthy family.
    Major contractor in the oil service industry.
    Co-fonder of LEAD Contracting & Trading Ltd. specialized in oil and gas contracting and petrochemical facilities.
    Engagement: He benefited from the regime before the revolution.

Mohammed al-Zubaidi

  • jurisdiction: businessman
  • Born in 1976
  • Owns many investment and real estate companies, including ‘Al-Zubaidi’ for Development, ‘Ebdaa’, ‘Enjaz’ and ‘Al-Zubaidi-Al-Tawil’ for Contracting companies. 
  • He mortgaged about 687 million Syrian pounds in the name of  “Ebdaa Investments” company from the Syrian Real Estate Bank in the early 2011 and denied to pay the loans back.

Bashar Kiwan

  • jurisdiction: businessman
  • Born in Kuwait.
  • considered a key figure in Assad’s network for money laundering and evasion of international sanctions. 
  • Occupation: Partner ‘Sports Motors’ Company, ‘Al-Waseet’ International AWI Company and founder of ‘United Group for Advertising and Publishing’ company through which he works with Majid Suleiman and ‘Dagher & Kiwan’ group for the benefit of the regime. 
  • Engagements: Accuesed of running money laundering network, for which he was arrested in Dubai and for 5 years imprisonment by a Kuwaiti court.

Khalid Kaddour

  • jurisdiction: businessman
  • Born in Damascus in 1970.
  • Manages the commercial groups and the plastic factories of Maher Al-Assad, and runs a company which is specializes in external tenders for the Syrian army. 
  • Partner and founder of several companies, including ‘Al-Shahba Telecommunicatio’”, ‘Aabar’ for Investments, and ‘Tatweer’ Contracting Companies. 
  • Engagements: Involved in supporting the sectarian militias that were set under the name of ‘People’s Committees’, which later turned into “National Defense” militias.
  • Sanctions: Subject to sanctions by UK government and EU as a result of his felonious activities and his support to the sectarian militias that committed crimes and violations against civilians in Syria.

Yasir Aziz Abbas

  • jurisdiction: businessman
  • Place of birth: Tartus in 1978
  • Provided logistic support for the Syrian regime, in the energy, fuel and arms sectors, and undertook an open role in facilitating oil imports from Iran. 
  • Manages several companies, including ‘Al-Malek Al-Shab’, ‘Al Tafawuk’, ‘Qadra’ trading, and ‘Al-Bajaa’ for commercial services. 
  • Engagements: Involved in shipping Iranian military equipment to the Syrian Air Force Intelligence Directorate and the Syrian Army.
  • Sanctions: Included in sanctions imposed by the US Treasury, but he managed to find ways around by setting up companies for his siblings instead.

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Ali Wahib Marhi

  • Occupation: Son of Waheeb Kamel Mari’i, a prominient iron tradesman in Syria, and the largest businessman in Tartus Governorate.
  • Enjoys official support in Syria in return for helping the regime evade international sanctions.
  • Owns many companies, inclusding ‘Al-Wahib Economy Group’, ‘Al-Wahib and Al-Lewis LLC’, and ‘Al-Raed’ for Food Industries. 
  • Engagements: Participated in the organization and financing of mercenaries (shabiha). 
  • Helps Assad regime producing explosive barrels in his Iron factory in Tartus.

Nader al-Qala’I

  • jurisdiction: businessman
  • Place of birth: Damascus in 1961.
  • A major partner of Rami Makhlouf and a key figure in the regime’s commercial activities in Austria, Britain, Egypt, UAE, Romania and the United States. 
  • Founder of several real estate companies and other banking banking activities. 
  • Engagements: Accuesd by the Canadian authorities of concealing information about his business and violating international sanctions imposed on the Syrian regime.

Fahd Darwish

  • Occupation: Prominent representative of the Iranian companies in Syria.
  • Owns several companies, including ‘Armada’ for Trading and Contracting, which represents the interests of the Iranian company ‘Saba Automobiles’, in addition to possessing ‘Al-Baraka Pharmaceutical Company’, ‘Al-Fahad’ Trading, and ‘Fahad Darwish Group’ for Trading and Contracting.
  • Engagements: supplied regime forces with medical provisions and provided military hospitals with logistics.

Nabil Toumeh

  • Occupation: Businessman
  • Born in Damascus in 1957.
  • A pioneer conomic façade of the Syrian regime.
  • Owns a number of companies, including ‘Hawaii’ for Decoration and Furniture, ‘Al Sharq’, ‘Tohme Constructions’, and ‘Lynn’ for Media Production and Distribution, through wich he helps the regime evade international sanctions and funds pro-regime ‘Addounia’ TV channel.
  • Engagements: Provided the security services with logistics and hardware through his ‘Al-Sharq’ Information Technology firm.

Mohammad Anas Talas

  • Occupations: Businessman
  • Born in Damascus in 1971
  • Prominent Damascene businessmen who supports the Syrian regime’s campaign of terror, and enjoys strong ties with figures close to the regime, such as Muhammad Hamsho and Rami Makhlouf.
  • Owns a number of companies, including ‘Talas Group’ and ‘Toledo’ for canned food manufacturing, in addition ‘Mirza’ investment compnay
  • Engagements: Supplies Assad forces with canned food produced by his companies.
  • Sanctions: Subject to European Eunion sanctions since 2019.