Bisher Mazen al-Sabban

  • Occupation: Businessman
  • Born in Damascus in 1966
  • Enjoys good relation with Makhlouf family, which, in spite of his diffusion of corrupt behaviors; gave him the green light to hang to his post as governor of Damascus for 12 years (2006-2018).
  • Engagements: Transformed many of Damascus Governorate buildings into a military barracks and employed 5,000 workers from the governorate staff to work with the security forces and mercenarie (shabiha) in suppressing the demonstrations.
  • Sanctions: Included in the European snactions list in 2016 for participating in the violent repression against Syrian civilians, and implementing discriminatory practices against Sunnis in Damascus.

Salim Girgis Alton

  • Occupation: Businessman
  • Born in Venezuela in 1940.
  • Owns a large commercial network invloved in cement, construction import and export pledges, including ‘Zaina’ trading, and ‘Altoun’ Real Estate Development and Investment, in addition to being the agent of the Korean Company ‘Hyundai’.
  • Engagements: Supplies the regime forces and its mercenaries with hundreds of vehicles in support of its aggression campaign commiting horrific massacres against civilians.
  • Sanctions: Subject to European Union sanctions in 2012, but was removed from the sanctions list six months later

Muhammad Alekhwan

  • Occupation: Businessman
  • Born in Homus in 1964.
  • Chariman of Homus Chamber of Industry.
  • Belongs to well known business household Homs.
  • Owns ‘Gardenia’ Real Estate and tourism company and ‘Al-Matien’ for plastic pipes and cement, in addition to 14 other companis which he employs in assissting the regime’s campaign of terror.
  • Engagements:  Works closely with the commander of the third army corps and the head of the Security and Military Committee in General Hassan Mohamed to support the regimes security forces in Homs.

Anas Mohamed Saifi

  • jurisdiction: businessman
  • Born in Damascus.
  • A partner of Rami Makhlouf and Mohamed Hamsho in the field of metal trading and manufacturing.
  • Owns ‘Stilco’ steel rolling company, ‘Seral’ for Aluminum productions, ‘Adeer’ for Insurance and ‘Anas Sayfi and Partners’ group which specializes in pipes’ production.
  • Engagements: Major suppliwer and supporter of the regime’s aggression campagin against the Syrian people.

Muhammad Bara Qaterji

  • jurisdiction: businessman
  • Born in Raqqa in 1976.
  • Brother of Hosam Qaterji, the oil, wheat and weapons biggest broker with ISIS.
  • Co-founder of several companies, including ‘Al-Qaterji International Group’, ‘Aleppo Private Joint Stock Holding’ and ‘PS Oil Services’.
  • Engagements: Formed and funded armed militia known as “Al-Qaterji Group’ that took part in the siege of Eastern Aleppo and committing atrocities in its neighborhoods in 2016.
  • Sanctions: Subject to US sanctions in 2018.

Hashim Anwar Al-Aqqad

  • jurisdiction: businessman
  • Born in Damascus in 1961.
  • Runs a commercial network in Iraq, Syria and Lebanon, through which he is involved in money laundering for the Syrian regime.
  • Owns ‘Anwar Aqad Sons Group’ (AASG) , which comprises more than 14 companies in many sectors, including fabrics, pasta,sugar and oil.
  • Provided oil derivatives and military equipment for the Syrian regime, and dunded mercenary groups in Damascus and its countryside.
  • Sanctions: The European Union imposed sanctions against his brother “Samer” for harnessing his foreign companies to help the regime circumvent international sanctions.

Badi al-Droubi

  • jurisdiction: businessman
  • Born in Homus in 1966.
  • A prominent commercial partner with Rami Makhlouf.
  • Owns ‘Al-Droubi Group’, ‘Al Suwaidi LLC’ trading, ‘Al Suwaidi’ for Cables, ‘Al Suwaidi Electrics’ and ‘Al Ahlia’ vegetable oil company.
  • Engagements: Major supportet and supplier of regime’s militias in Homs.

Atiya Khoury

  • jurisdiction: businessman
  • Born in Homus in 1971.
  • Maintans a close relation with Rami Makhlouf and operates many of his subsidiaries.
  • Owns ‘Attia Khoury’ for Marketing and Commercial Industry (Marco), ‘Monita’ and ‘Khoury and Khalili’ for money transfer & exchange.
  • Engagements: Accused of employing his transfer & exchange companies in support of the regime to evade international sanctions, and paying ISIS for fuel procurement for the benefit of the regime.
  • Sanctions: Subject to U.S. sanctions since 2016.

Mohammed Qaband

  • jurisdiction: businessman
  • Born in Aleppo in 1953.
  • Started his career as a falafel vendor in Aleppo, and turned in to time to a businessman, when the Syrian regime chose him to act as an agent for its businesses.
  • Owns ‘Qaband’ for artistic production and co-founder in “Al Ayham” investment company.
  • Engagements: Engaged in recruiting mercenaries “shabiha” to participate in the suppression of civilians in Aleppo.
  • Accused of kidnapping competing wealthy merchants of Aleppo and demanding their families to pay huge ransoms for their release.

Mehran Khawanda

  • jurisdiction: businessman
  • Born in Tartous in 1938.
  • The most ranking businessman in the Syrian coast district and enjoys strong realtions with top security officers.
  • Ownes ‘Qadmous chain’, the largest fleet of inland transportation in Syria, in addition to a number of transfer & exchange insurance companies such as ‘Arop’ and the  ‘International’ transfer & exchange company.
  • Engagements: Engaged in smuggling Syrian antiquities abroad, and provideding logistical support to the regime forces.
  • Sanctions: Subject to European Union sanctions.

Issam Shammout

  • jurisdiction: businessman
  • Born in Damascus in 1971.
  • Owns ‘Shammout Group’ for Trading which serves as a financial forefront for Rami Makhlouf, participates in the management of ‘Sham Wings’ owned by Makhlouf, in addition to operating a number of commercial companies notably: ‘Shammout Motors’, ‘Noor’ for Aluminum company, and ‘Sky Blue Bird’ travel company in Dubai.
  • Engagements: Engaged in transferring logistics, equipment, weapons and military ammunition from Iran to Syria, as well as transporting Iranian militias to Syria through ‘Sham Wings’.
  • Sanctions: Subject to US sanctions.

Adnan Ali

  • jurisdiction: businessman
  • Born in Lattakia in 1968.
  • Major agent for the General Intelligence Directorate, and an active financial representative for the Syrian regime in the energy and oil sectors.
  • Prominent oil importer from ISIS dominated regions on behalf of the Syrian regime.
  • Engagements: Engaged in supplying the Syrian Intelligence Directorate with logistical equipment from Iran.
  • Sanctions: Subject to US sanctions.

Nazir Jamal Addin

  • jurisdiction: businessman.
  • Born in Damascus in 1962.
  • Son of Ahmed Jamal Eddin, a prominent building materials dealer in Damascus.
  • Owns several companies, including ‘APEX’ for projects and supplies, ‘Aian’ for projects and equipment, and ‘Tumouh’ investment and real estate development company.
  • Sanctions: Subject to European Union sanctions.

Mohammad Mahjob

  • jurisdiction: businessman.
  • Born in Damascus.
  • Close friend of Bashar Al-Assad and one of his most prominent commercial agents.
  • Owns many companies, including ‘Mahjoub Industrial Group’, ‘Al Jazeera Group’ for investing and ‘PVC Systems’ for Modern Building Materials.
  • Engagements: Accused of managing commercial networks in favour of the Syrian regime through setting up a number of fake companies.

Yaamor Al-Zuni

  • jurisdiction: businessman.
  • Born in Damascus.
  • Prominent businessman and head of the ‘Syrian Ansar Party’ set up by the Syrian intellgence.
  • Owns and operates a number of companies, including ‘Aya Internet’, ‘Hala Aviation’ and ‘Al-Zouni’ for trading and technology.

Mohammad Ali Wahoud

  • jurisdiction: businessman.
  • Born in Baniyas in 1960.
  • A prominent businessman in the investment and tourism sectors who works under the supervision of the Security apparatus.
  • Owns ‘Wahhoud Group’, ‘Introduce’ for tourism development and ‘Wahhoud and “Ghassan Al-Tawil & partners’ in addition to many other companies operating in Lebanon, Jordan, UAE, UK and the United States, which helped the regime evade international sanctions.
  • Sanctions: He closed down all of his subsidiaries in the UK to avoid being subject to European Union sanctions.

Kami Raeef Hilal

  • jurisdiction: businessman.
  • Born in As-Suwayda
  • Works as a commercial forefront for the regime together with Hashem Al-Aqad.
  • Owns many companies, including ‘Professionals’ for communication and technology services (Protech), ‘professionals’ for protection and Surveillance Systems and Services, ‘Hilal and Hassoun’ for trading and ‘Syria’ for commercial Investments.
  • Engagements: Involved in assisting the Syrian regime in evading international sanctions.

Mohammed Rami Martini

  • jurisdiction: businessman.
  • Born in Aleppo in 1970.
  • Syrian Tourism Minister since 2018 and One of the most prominent partners of Makhlouf’s family.
  • Owns and operates a number of tourism companies, including ‘Coral Martini Hotel’, ‘Julia Dumna’, ‘Martini Tourism Investment’, and ‘Al-Ghad Al-Afdal’ for Investment.
  • Engagements: Engaged in forming and funding groups of mercenaries “Shabiha”, supplying them with weapons and instructing them to participate in the oppression campaign against Syrian civilians in Aleppo.
  • Sanctions: Subject to European Union sanctions in 2018.

Ahmad Nabil Al Kuzbari

  • Occupation: Businessman and lawyer
  • Born in Damascus in 1971.
  • Works as commercial forefront of Major General Bahjat Suleiman and represented the Syrian regime in Geneva and Astana negotiations.
  • Co-founder of ‘Sham’ Bank and ‘Al-Sharq’ Bank.
  • Engagements: Involved in financing local militias, who were involved in the crackdowns alongside the Syrian regime.

Bilal Al-Na’al

  • Occupations: Businessman
  • Born in Damascus.
  • Commercial agent of many Syrian Officials.
  • Partner and founder of number of companies, including ‘Damaskino Mall’, ‘Big Five’ restaurants, ‘Al-Na’al’ for import and export, and ‘Al-Na’al’ for customs clearance.
  • Supports Fadi Saqr, leader of the ‘National Defense’ Militia, in Damascus.